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Reimage scaned through your entire PC, uncovering useful information about PC's Stability, Security and Hardware issues.

Our scan found 13 Stability threats and 2 Security threats on your computer.

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PC Stability

Windows and Application Crash History

Unstable programs:
1. Internet Explorer
2. Media Player
3. Perflib
4. glidesvc.exe
5. excel.exe
6. winword.exe
8. Microsoft Office 11
9. Windows Backup Utility
10. crypt32
11. firefox.exe
12. pctsSvc.exe
13. powerpnt.exe

Stability Performance Summary:

Your Stability Level is:

PC Security

Virus Found

Malicious software found on your PC may compromise your privacy and data.
  1. Suspicious.Insight a.k.a SearchSettings
  2. HackingTools_SpyAnytime a.k.a Trojan-Spy.Win32.SpyAnyTime.d a.k.a Spyware/SpyAnytime

Security Performance Summary:

Your Security Level is:

PC Hardware Statistics

Available Space on Your Hard Drive

You have  of Free Disk Space on your system partition which is .

Total Size of Your Hard Drives

Total Size of Your Hard Drives is  which is .

Total Memory in Your PC

Your PC has a total of which is .

System Information

CPU Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 3.06GHz by GenuineIntel 3058Mhz
MainBoard P4M800P7MA by FoxconnS/N P4M80P - 42302e31 BIOS released 10/19/2005S/N
Memory Modules 767
Local Drivers IDE Port 3 Master: HDD 77GB Hitachi HDS7216
Video Card RADEON 9250Chipset: RADEON 9250 AGP (0x5960)128MB

Hardware Analysis Summary

CPU is running at which is .
Hard Disk speed is which is .
Temperature of your CPU is which is .

Hardware Performance Summary:

Performance can be improved.
Your Hardware Performance level is:
Our scan found 13 Stability threats and 2 Security threats on your computer.